Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
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Micky Clément.

Léman, 2013.

Parking, 2013.

Piscine, 2013.

Rampe, 2013.

Nageurs, 2013.

Micky Clément is represented by Republic Gallery ( France) and is featured at Espace Commines - YIA Art Fair 2013


Finale Pencil Test vs Finale Final Animation

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So we have a little (not so little) present for all you guys.  

Go to the link below to download Exclusive Ultra High Quality Scans of both the 2012 & 2013 Comic Con posters. (3 posters - New Friends, Old Friends, and Spirit Parade) 

We ourselves scanned these posters and created these downloads so you can be assured that they are safe. 

To give you an idea of how high quality these downloads are, all together they amount to 90 MB!

Go to our site @ http://bit.ly/1cFJOIL to download your very own copies!

Great for desktop backgrounds or even printing if you have a big enough printer 

Above we posted images of the posters - (not our digitally scanned version of course, ours are much much better)

PLEASE SHARE THIS! We would like everyone to cash in on this exclusive opportunity!

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